Secret therapy

One of the reasons that many people have avoided seeking help in the past is that they simply do not wish to discuss their personal issues with a stranger. That's perfectly understandable, for many of us, the things that we need help with are so deeply personal that it just becomes impossible to talk about them at all. Many people hold the belief that any kind of therapy involves talking for hours about the past, painful memories and our deepest secret.

This is not the case with modern energy work. For most people strong emotions such as anger, guilt, fear, anxiety, etc. carry with them a physical feeling, we literally feel our anger inside. It maybe experienced as a clenching in the gut, or a tightening in the chest, a pain in the shoulder or in many other ways, and we can work with that feeling instead of words. For many people, EFT quickly and easily calms the feeling and with it comes a relief from stress - thinking becomes clearer and balance is restored

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