Weight management

Weight management is one of the most widely-reported uses for EFT with many success stories published online. Singer Lilly Allen is one celebrity who's weight loss programme has been attributed to EFT.

EFT can help with weight loss in many ways and, as with everything that I do, we will approach your challenges looking at you as an individual. I do not offer off-the-shelf packages as I have never yet met an off-the-shelf person.





Some of the most common ways that EFT can help are:

Reducing cravings. EFT gives you a tool that you can use yourself any time you have food cravings to bring them back under your control.

Reducing emotional over-eating. Many people use food as a way to cover up years of emotional hurting. This emotional factor (which EFT has been designed to address) has been referred to as the missing piece in many weight loss programmes. For many EFT becomes the catalyst to not only lose weight, but to maintain their target weight.

Finding and clearing beliefs. Some people hold erroneous beliefs about themselves, for example, a deep belief inside like 'I'm a fat person' . If we think about it, we know that is simply not true. We have all heard stories of people who had been massively obese for years who successfully dieted and kept off the weight. Of course, nature intended that we are all different shapes and sizes which is a good thing – not all people are designed to be a size 10 but every person knows what is a realistic goal for them. EFT is often a great help to those having difficulty reaching those goals.

We are also taught at an early age to not waste food. How many people were told by their parents that they should eat all their food because there are starving people in the world, then as adults find it impossible to not eat everything on their plates. It may be illogical, leaving food or eating it makes no difference - it will not feed children in Africa. Yet that kind of belief forces people to eat more than their bodies need.

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