Stress ruins lives

If there is one thing that causes more misery in today's busy society than anything else, it's stress. It robs us of energy, gives us headaches and can ultimately lead to more serious diseases.

How stressed are you right now? Think for a minute about a measurement of stress, lets begin at -10, the most stressed you could possibly be. You're not there right now, this is the point where your physical body will shut down and is known as catatonia. Moving up the scale we pass through the point where serious panic attacks happen. Round about -5 you would experience a feeling of stress, irritability, inability to concentrate, anger etc. Round about -2 you would find it difficult to concentrate, not feel clear about the future and would be likely to be having some difficulty relating to other people. Then we reach 0, the point of nothingness, at this point you would be feeling relaxed, calm and peaceful. For many after a stressful day, this point of 0 would be an amazing place to get to.But why stop there?

The opposite of feeling stressed is feeling energized: Move up to +1 or +2 and you're now beginning to feel good, you might feel that you're waking up, you will have a sense of hope and optimism for the future and have energy to go through your day. As you progress you begin to think more clearly, ideas seem to come to you on demand and you can begin to feel happy, excited and to enjoy the present. As we move up into to high positive numbers, you begin to feel powerful, logical, joyful and loving right up to +10 where everything is wonderful and you feel amazing nothing could possibly be better. It's like you're in love with the world and everyone and everything in it.

It's true to say that most people have experienced both ends of the spectrum at some point in their life. Have you ever noticed though that the more stressed you are, the more things go wrong for you, the harder you try, the harder it is to get results. On the other hand, when you're feeling energized things just seem to fall into place round you things begin to go your way and you can achieve much more.

The sad thing is that many people live most of their lives in the range of -2 to +2 and rarely go higher. When this happens they are simply missing out on so much that life has to offer and if we are not careful life can simply pass us by. If you begin your day at -1, a little stressed, then it can and usually does, get worse. Any little thing causes irritation and adds to your stress level it can be relatively small things like the children not getting ready for school in time, unexpected high traffic making you late for work, your boss not appreciating the report that you spent all night preparing. With each little knock back you find yourself progressively more and more stressed until, without realizing how you got there, you are at that -5 point and feeling horrible. This is where people shout at their children and argue with their partners, totally out of character, and this is not any reflection on the person. This is what stress does.

Now imagine for a moment the other end of the spectrum, if you begin your day feeling great and energized, maybe around +4 or 5 the traffic is heavy and you understand that you can't do anything about it, or at worst you drop down to +3, but you're still feeling good. This is the time that you will put on the radio and a song will come on that you like, you're feeling good so will sing along, this lifts your mood and suddenly you're creeping up the scale again. It's all a constant cycle of reinforcement, when you feel bad, bad things seem to happen to re-enforce your feeling, when you're feeling good, good things just seem to happen all around you

The good news is that stress is not only fixable - its easily fixable. There are very simple exercises that you can do to change stress into positive energy and the more you feel good, the easier it becomes.

If you would like to find out more about managing stress with EFT call me for a confidential assessment to see if EFT is right for you.