Postnatal depression (PND) affects one in seven women and in some cases men too. (source

PND can leave you:

You do not have to feel this way.

In Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) we do not need to understand the cause of your symptoms, the aim is simply to make you feel better right now and I will help you to do that in a safe and supportive way.

Please click here for further information, but the best thing is simply to call me right now so that we can discuss how EFT can help you.

I offer one to one sessions in Worksop or by Skype if it is more convenient. After the initial session I can offer telephone help if needed, however face to face or Skype is always better if possible.

Although a single session is often enough to begin to make you feel better and to give you some tools that you can use on your own when needed, many people benefit from additional session to really get to the heart of the problem and to clear any remaining emotional issues.