Like addictions, phobias come in many shapes and sizes, from a gentle fear of spiders, heights, or even clowns, to a full on panic attack brought on just thinking of travelling in an aeroplane.

In traditional therapy, people spent long periods of time, often years, examining their past - trying to piece together where their fear came from. With EFT and energy work, we don't have to do that, we don't need to dig up painful memories, we can simply work with the very real physical sensations that you feel in your body. A phobia or a fear is simply the manifestation of a person who is very stressed in a very specific situation. Stress causes us to lose the ability to think and reason clearly, and this is the reason that many people who suffer from phobias also have a tendency to think they are a little crazy at times - which of course leads to further anxiety. Some people also experience guilt about the fuss they think they are making which may affect other people.

There is no craziness associated with phobias, just a lot of stress, and like every other form of stress, we can help that. It's amazing just how quickly the stress can be reduced and as soon as that happens, the person immediately begins to feel better - and with that the mind begins to function more logically again and before long they are back on an even keel. As an interesting side effect, even though we don't generally go looking for the cause, often as a person begins to feel less stressed, they will naturally begin to understand how their condition began.

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