Confidence and self esteem

Confidence and low self esteem have many parallels to Energy and Stress in so much as they are at opposite ends of the same spectrum.

In the past, people have diagnosed themselves or have been told by others that they lack self confidence, or have low self esteem, which may also be called poor self image. This implies that a person can have no confidence in anything which simply isn't true. We all have confidence in something, it may be as simple as being confident that we can drive home from work without getting lost, and what has previously been thought of as having no confidence can now be redefined as lacking confidence in specific situations.

When we look closely, there is always something that acts as a trigger it may be social situations or even more specifically, when meeting potential partners, it may be meeting clients, or being in crowded shops, but there is always a reason. You cannot say that somebody lacks confidence without finishing the sentence, 'He/She lacks confidence when doing ______' or 'They lack confidence when ____ happens'. In most cases this can be tracked back to a single moment in time that holds a painful or embarrassing memory. For example a person who remembers a time at a school disco where they feel they made a fool of themselves because they didn't know the latest dance may lack confidence at parties. We can't change what happened at that disco, but we can certainly can change how we feel about it today - and when that happens things immediately start to change.

A very interesting and amazing side effect of this, for people who have several or even many areas where they lack confidence, is that as you build confidence in one area, it automatically builds in other areas too without ever having to work at them. Once we understand this, then the whole concept of low self esteem simply no longer exists - it just becomes a series of situations that can be improved with more confidence and, as soon as you learn how to do that, you can apply it to anything.

The wonderful thing about EFT and Energy work in general is that you do not find yourself locked in for long periods of time as you may do in more traditional therapies. What you get, is a life skill that you can take away with you and apply in many ways by yourself.

If you feel that you could benefit from an increase in confidence call me for a confidential assessment to see how EFT can work for you.