Anxiety ruins lives and affects 1 in 20 people in the UK.(source

Anxiety is a form of fear that happens in response to our thoughts and in turn releases adrenaline into our bodies. Humans are the only animals known to be able to cause adrenaline to be released in this manner.

In nature adrenaline would be produced when we come across something potentially harmful to us like a mother bear protecting her cubs. We would choose either to fight or run away and the adrenaline gives us the extra boost necessary to run faster. Once we feel that we were safe it leaves our bodies, in effect we send a signal say that the emergency is over. When we generate the adrenaline by thought instead of a real danger we never complete the action by fighting or by running away and it remains in our body. This can cause even more worrying and fear which releases further chemicals and if not handled the situation can spiral very quickly out of control.

Adrenaline which is not used up as nature intended causes many different bodily sensations including:

  • panic
  • tightness in throat and or chest
  • racing heart/palpitations
  • dizzyness
  • unusual craving for sweets and chocolate
  • a general feeling of fear
  • inability to relax
  • feeling strange
  • feeling weak
  • feelings of impending doom
  • brain fog
  • inability to concentrate

Some people seem to naturally be able to cope with adrenaline better than others and very little is known about why this is. People who are susceptible to anxiety often have a high level of the chemical present in their body most of the time then when something happens and more is released they are very quickly into the danger zone. If unchecked anxiety can cause panic attacks which are very high level bodily reactions and in the extreme can make you feel that you are having a heart attack or dying.

There is an added pressure with anxiety. Social pressure. Because doctors cannot easily identify the causes as they can with measles for example there is a tendency in our society to label anxiety as being all in the mind or something that happens to weak people. This is simply not true and just as some people are able to digest milk and others are not some peoples bodies do not cope well with an increase in adrenaline. We could easily change the label from anxiety to adrenaline intolerance and suddenly we know that we are not crazy, we are not weak individuals it is just that our bodies react differently to certain chemicals.

This is a tremendous relief in itself, you would not hesitate to contact your doctor if you had physical symptoms and now that you understand that you have an adrenaline intolerance, nothing more, then you should not hesitate or feel embarrassed to seek help with this condition either.

Emotional Freedom Technique does not and cannot change your bodies ability to process any substances. What it can do is to help you feel less anxious in response to it, and as you feel less anxious you have fewer negative thoughts. This in turn causes less and less adrenaline to be released and just as quickly as things can spiral out of control - normality can be restored.

I'm sure that like most people who have suffered with anxiety you have memories of times and situations where you felt particularly anxious and if you focus on them you begin to experience the exact same feelings again. In EFT we have techniques where you can revisit past experiences without re-living the same feelings which makes it a very gentle therapy. When you recall or key in the event we can change the way that you feel about that memory and help you remember it in a more calm and relaxed manner. When this is done you will find that the feelings of tranquillity that you experience stay with you in the present. The more that you do this the less the anxiety will build up within you. You will begin to notice the on set before it becomes a problem and using appropriate relaxation techniques will be able to calm yourself and return to your natural state of well being. Like any skill, the more you practice this the better you will become. Remember learning to ride a bike? At first you had to really concentrate and think about what you were doing but after a while it became second nature and you didn't have to think about it any more. The same is true for learning to relax. For many people it becomes habitual and in time they find that the anxious symptoms disappear completely.

It you would like to discuss your situation and find out if EFT is suitable for you then give me a call for a confidential no obligation chat.