People don't smoke their first cigarette in the hope that they will become addicted to nicotine, nobody has just one more drink, thinking it would be cool to become an alcoholic, nobody has their first shot of heroine wanting to become an addict and nobody starts eating 20 chocolate bars a day because they want to become obese. Sadly though, these things do happen but the stories are very different. Maybe one person smokes their first cigarette as a child, feeling outside of the gang and desperately wanting to fit in. Or, maybe another person remembers the first time that they won on the horses and the feeling of excitement that gave them at a point where their life was at a low, and they desperately gamble again and again trying to recreate that feeling. For each and every person who has an addiction, there is a story and each story is unique in fact every addiction is unique.

We all know about smoking, gambling and drugs, but addictions can be as far reaching as shopping, pornography, sex, collecting teddy bears, and the behaviours known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (such as continually washing of the hands or cleaning the carpet every time somebody walks on it). It doesn't matter what the addiction or behaviour is, in each and every case an addiction is using something to relieve stress or to makes oneself feel better in some way. As soon as the short term effect wears off then the pleasure is sought again and more whiskey will be drunk, one more bet will be placed or another fix will be taken.

Modern energy work can help with both the cause of the addiction and the effects of any withdrawal. Many people who have tried to stop smoking will tell you that they failed because the physical discomfort became too much.

There are very simple exercises that you can do anytime to help with the discomfort and ease the quitting process from any type of addiction. At the same time, using modern energy techniques, we can discover together the reasons behind the behaviour and by changing the way that you feel. and ultimately see things, the need to continue will simply disappear.

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