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DragonRising is a leading international provider of books, eBooks, audio downloads, distance learning courses, events & workshops in the subjects of Energy, Hypnosis, Project Sanctuary, EmoTrance, Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP, Assemblage Point and Aromatherapy

They have put together a page of very useful free downloads including books and audios. A few of the titles that they offer are listed below but I would encourage you to visit their page as new downloads are added frequently.

Please click on any of the images below to take you to the download page.


Energy EFT

Complete first part of the 2012 essential new EFT book by Dr S Hartmann "Energy EFT." Contains full instructions and complete new EFT Heart & Soul Protocol.

Events Psycology

In this special report you can find out how to use EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques with Events Psychology to create direct, stress free and highly powerful healing treatments and change events with clients and in EFT self help.

Heart Healing HypnoDream by Hartmann and Sivyer - Free Full-Length Energy Hypnosis.mp3

Download the original Heart Healing meditation to help you calm down, find more centre in yourself, learn to activate your own healing hands and give your Heart Of Energy healing and strength.

60 Second Wealth Creators Demo.pdf

60 great prosperity and wealth exercises - and each one takes 60 seconds or less to complete! Demonstration version of the amazing "60 Second Wealth Creators" by Dr Hartmann in Adobe PDF format.

Deep Trance Lullaby Sleep Aid (Demo).mp3

The Deep Trance lullaby is a deeply relaxing 1-hour long hypnosis special to aid with sleeping or ascertaining deeper levels of sleep. This is the 5 minute demonstration version of the full product.

EmoTrance BeautyT Training Introduction by Silvia Hartmann.mp3

The EmoTrance BeautyT Training by Silvia Hartmann was one of the most profound life changing courses ever presented. To change a clients body-image is one of the hardest challenges a practitioner will ever face, yet with EmoTrance this process has become easy and doable. This is the full live recorded introduction to the training from the BeautyT Training Audio Recording available in our store.

The Love Clinic (Demo) by Sandra Hillawi.pdf

Entire first chapter from The Love Clinic by Sandra Hillawi