Case story. Period Pain

This case story illustrates how bad experiences in the past can be felt as real physical pain now,Doctors call this psychosomatic pain. It doesn't matter what names people choose to call it, it is real and hurts just as much as any other kind of pain

Julie, a lady in her late 30's has suffered from extreme period pains for all of her adult life. She told me the following story.

When I was 12 years old we were on holiday in the caravan and I started my period. I didn't know what it was and I thought I was dying. I was bleeding profusely in the caravan toilet, screaming, it was a really painful experience. My mum just pushed this pad under the door and said, 'put that in your pants, you're a woman now' and didn't explain anything to me. From that point onwards when I have my period it is always excruciatingly painful, to the point that I can't really hold down a job as I usually end up having two days off work each month because of the pain. It's like every single month I experience a mini death. My whole life is governed by my period.

When we ask someone to remember a really painful thing from their past they relive it and experience the same pain and emotions all over again with EFT this is unnecessary. I asked Julie to look at the memory as if it were happening to someone else. Instead of talking about "I", I asked her to refer to "the aspect" which is shorthand for the aspect of me who was 12 years old.

In order to get a very clear focus on the aspect I asked Julie questions such as what was the time of day, what was the time of year, what was the weather like, what can the aspect see, hear and smell etc. Once the she had built up a clear picture of the situation using all of her senses I asked her how the aspect was feeling. "Absolutely petrified".

I asked her to freeze time and we would look at the aspect and tap "the aspect was absolutely petrified" together. Part way through Julie added "she thinks she is dying" on to the reminder phrase and I asked her if we needed to change the phrase to that and she said we did. After a few more taps we changed once again, this time to "she thinks her insides are coming out"

After this round, she said. "I really can't believe my mum didn't come in and give her a hug and tell her it's all right, that's all I would want to do. I can't believe she didn't"

I asked her if that's what the aspect needs. She said, yes just to be hugged and told her everything is OK and it's normal and to explain that it's what happens to every woman.

I asked her how we could describe that in a set up. She was unsure so I asked her to finish the sentence "The aspect needs......" She said, "to be hugged and told that it's normal"

We tapped on that. I reminded her that she could evolve the set up as we went along as often as she needed to. It went through various changes including: "the aspect needs to be told that she is a woman now" and "she needs to be told that she is not dying" , "she needs help to understand, in a loving way"

After this round Julie told me that she didn't like this free flow EFT as she normally gets the next set up come to her as she is tapping so she didn't have the next set up.

I asked her to look at the aspect in the scene again and asked her all of the original questions again to see if anything had changed. I asked her what the aspect could see, and she said, "lots of blood that needs clearing up" I asked if we should clean up the blood for her and she thought that was a good idea. I asked her how we could frame that and she said that we should stand there holding the toilet roll and pass it to her so that she doesn't feel alone. We came up with the set up of "here you are let me help" which then simply became "let me help".

She said now that we have cleaned up it would be good to sit down with the aspect and explain to her what is happening. I asked if anything has changed in the scene and she said yes, they had come out of the loo and were sitting down in the caravan. I asked her more questions about what the aspect could see and hear etc. in order to make sure that she still had a very clear focus on the aspect.

We tapped on "I'm going explain to the aspect what she needs to know", which became "I'm explaining. On the last 2 points this became, "I have explained" and "everything is aright now"

After we had finished she said, "I did it, I explained to her, I really explained everything, she's happy now, a completely different experience". I asked her to rate the aspect on the SUE scale with -10 being when she was petrified at the beginning, 0 being she is feeling OK and +10 feeling amazing, absolutely the best that she could possibly feel. She immediately said, "she is 10, she's outside playing, feeling great and very grown up and happy to be a women, everything is perfect now".

One month later I enquired how things have been going regarding her periods. Here are a few excerpts from her reply.

"and normally I would have to take pain killers as soon as I sight blood but I didn't, in fact I didn't take any until 3.30am, which in its self is remarkable. There was still pain there don't get me wrong, but I only ever take the pain killers when it is unbearable pain and it wasn't unbearable"

"yesterday I was in and out of pain but not enough to take the pain killers again which is totally amazing, in fact I went out and did a massive xmas shop and walked heaps and carried lots of stuff... when I got back at 3.30pm I was tired and had pain but nothing a hot water bottle didn't fix... I still have a bit of pain today but nothing much!"

"all in all I didn't go through my mini death! it has been different and better! what a great start to sorting it ALL out completely - thank you!"