How to make money and improve your golf with EFT and EmoTrance.

I had always been a terrible golfer. When I started about 15 years ago I played a 9 hole course and my goal was always to break 70. Yep you read that right - 70 for 9 holes.

A few years in and playing 18 holes my goal was to break 120, sometimes I even managed it.

About 8 years in and frustrated that I could not break a hundred I realised that it was not my golf that was the problem it was my belief in my golf. The belief that I wasn't a natural sportsman and I would always struggle that and the fact that breaking 100 was such a big deal in my head that every time I began to play well I would literally fall to pieces.

I eventually went to see a hypnotherapist after a couple of years of really struggling to break the magic 100. I went in total for 6 sessions – one a week – and about 4 weeks after I first went I scored 99. I had broken my barrier.

The funny thing was that for the rest of that season I broke 100 every single time I played. It was like I had taken away a barrier and now that I had there was no stopping me.

I didn't play much over the next few years, 2 children and being involved in a couple of business start ups meant that I didn't really have the time or the inclination.

When I started playing again a couple of years ago I was back shooting high 100's probably averaging about 105 and very occasionally breaking the hundred. The difference this time was that I didn't mind, I was enjoying the golf so the score was not really relevant and actually if that was the only thing I got from the hypnosis then that is a good thing by me. No more constant battles with myself, getting annoyed when I didn't match up to the ideal that I had set myself.

Then one day I discovered positive thinking.

That day changed my life.

Through books such as The Secret, The Magic of Thinking Big, Think and Grow Rich and Psycho Cybernetics I realised that most of my problems were in my mind and nowhere else. I noticed that as I played golf and went to take a shot there would be a voice in my head telling me that I couldn't do it or that I would fluff the shot. What was even more interesting was that these voices were not my own. They were the voices of people who had told me all my life that I couldn't do it. Many of these were simply the voices of friendly banter during a game “you're going to miss that shot” kind of remarks. What I didn't realise at the time was that I was actually listening to these voices and taking them on board then every time faced with a difficult shot they would replay to me after a while I began to doubt myself and the voices of others were replaced with my own. I didn't need them to tell me any more that I would miss – I was telling myself.

Tell yourself you're going to miss a shot before you take it or tell yourself to be careful not to go in the bunker and guess what is going to happen?

So armed with my new found positive attitude I decided that I was going to use it to get my score down to 90. Nothing could stop me and I announced it to the world even a friend who was one of the loudest voices in my head as I was playing. Of course he ridiculed the idea straight away, he laughed at the possibility that I could ever break 90 and was prepared to put his money where his mouth was.

We had a bet - £100 that I could score 90, one time was enough, in the next 2 years. Yes that is how confident he was that I couldn't do it, he gave me 2 years to fail.

One year in and I was still shooting low 100's and occasionally breaking into the high 90's but my average was probably around 103. I joined a club to encourage me to play more often, I was still only playing once or twice a month at this point. I began playing every week but still I was not getting any better, my belief felt high but it just wasn't translating into a better score. I realised that my swing was erratic and I didn't really know what it should be like so I took a couple of lessons. Literally 2 – both working in general on my swing and I started to feel more confident and actually brought down my scores. I was now breaking 100 one time out of 4 that I played and I got my personal best down to 97, although that didn't last long and I was back into the 100's the following week.

Up to now and I had been working on the assumption that my change of attitude would pull me through but with about 5 months to go and now in the middle of winter I realised that my approach wasn't working. I realised that positive thinking alone was not enough.

I decided to use Energy EFT 1 and EmoTrance 2 to finally beat this thing and win the bet. It had become a big thing for me – not as big as breaking the 100 but a thing of pride none the less. My friend was still telling me at every opportunity that 7 shots is a lot and that I would never do it. I was much better at not listening to him but there were still times when it was still as much of an act of bravado as a real deep belief.

So at the beginning of January I made a post on the VIP forum 3 stating that I was going to use energy therapy to improve my golf but not to shoot 90 – to break 80. Yes that was my new goal to play a round of golf in the 70's and now I had stated this intention to my peers and it felt like I had finally made a commitment to this.

I was encouraged by Dr Silvia Hartman – the originator or Energy EFT and EmoTrance - to document what I was doing along with my scores - round by round - so that I could analyse what had worked and what hadn't. Then at the end of the process to write a book to share with others how modern energy work can be applied to achieving excellence in sports.

Dr Hartmann reminded me of something that she has been writing about for many years, that change in golf happens in breakthrough's not small increments. This made sense to me, we've all seen sports people – all sports, not just golf – who come from nowhere to become world champion or win a major tournament, they didn't get there by hard slog, one day they were on the edge of obscurity and the next they were at the forefront of what they do.

I devised a routine of EFT and EmoTrance to win this bet. I knew it was now all in my mind – my swing was good enough to shoot a round of 90. All that was missing was my belief and my nerves.

About 6 weeks in and still scoring around 100 – occasionally getting 98 or 99 – and I shot a 94 and followed it the next week with another 94. From that point I was back below a hundred most weeks and feeling like I was playing the best golf I had ever played and my average was below 100 for the first time ever.

4 weeks after that from nowhere I shot my magic 90. Really out of the blue, it was cold – raining and my shoulder hurt but I played golf the way that I know that I can. There was no heroics, no amazing shots from nowhere – just a nice relaxed enjoyable round playing steadily.

This time there was no huge celebrations the way there was when I broke 100. It felt nice – real nice but I know this is not the end of the road it's only the beginning as my real goal for a while has been to break 80 and my belief has never been higher.

Positive thinking has been great it opened my mind to possibilities but it's not the whole story. Your mind can repeat over and over how good you are at something but if you don't believe it deep inside nothing changes. Modern energy work excels at this kind of thing – find out what your limiting beliefs are and change them. It really is a simple as that.

When I see my friend I will take his money. I will look at it, touch it, smell it and notice how it makes me feel. I will then offer it back to him in a double or quits bet, another 10 shots, another 2 years. I know that he will take me up on it. There is no way that he will believe I can break 80 – the same as he could never believe that I would have shot 90. I'll make this bet with a huge smile on my face. It will be the easiest money I've ever made.

And it won't take anything like 2 years.

1. Energy EFT
2. EmoTrance
3. The VIP club is a place where Dr Hartmann shares her lates studies and people interested in energy work join together to research future developments.