Recommended reading.

Below are a few books about EFT and energy work which I recommend as a great way to increase your knowledge of these fascinating subjects. Please click on the images to take you to the Dragon Rising website who are the distributors of these products

Energy EFT (Book & Video): Next Generation Tapping & Emotional Freedom Techniques
by Dr Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann, chair of The AMT, takes Gary Craig's classic EFT to the next level with this wonderfully comprehensive book that is as absolute must-buy for anyone interested in energy and its use turning negative emotions into positiv e ones. All emotions can be worked with including Stress, Anxiety, Fear & PTSD. Energy EFT is suitable for both beginners, energy workers in different modalities and also top-level EFT master practitioners & trainers wanting to know more.

The paperback edition comes with a 90 minute DVD featuring two presentations by the author. You'll discover not only the simplicity of the technique, but also the sheer magical mastery of Silvia Hartmann who is a true innovator in modern energy. Also included with the paperback is the Energy EFT bookmark you can take anywhere. This features a quick-reference tapping guide on the front, as well as a handy SUE scale for measuring change on the reverse.

EmoTrance: Emotions, Energy, Information & Love
by Dr Silvia Hartmann

A Brand New Book For The Next Decade: Powerful information every person on this Earth needs to hear about. Ten years of EmoTrance in theory and practice have taught us so much about energy, how it works with human emotion but also with thought and behaviour.

In this brand new book you find the latest and best techniques, methods, cases and breakthrough insights into how people really work - and what we can do to create extraordinary events of healing and change for ourselves and for others.

The Art & Science of Emotional Freedom by Ananga Sivyer

This excellent EFT workbook introduces you to ground-breaking techniques you can easily learn to use for emotional / physical healing. You will learn to quickly and effectively dissolve fears, phobias, anxiety and the negative core beliefs/limitations imposed throughout our lives. Your personal guide to positive change using meridian therapies; the primary therapy you will learn is The Emotional Freedom Technique; a versatile, powerful technique which is accessible to everyone due to its simplicity of application.

Easy EFT by Dr Silvia Hartmann

Easy EFT by Dr. Silvia Hartmann is written to be the perfect introduction for beginners, but also has the effect of making seasoned professionals fall in love with the technique all over again!

Hartmann's unique easy-to-read and fun writing style allows all readers of any age to pick up and learn the basics of what is often described as the "wonder technique".

EFT and NLP by Dr Silvia Hartmann

NLP & EFT is a special report by Dr Silvia Hartmann on how to use EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques for NLP Practitioners, which covers how to use EFT to enhance NLP abilities in the self; how to use NLP skills and techniques to lift and expedite EFT sessions, and how to use EFT to lift and expedite NLP techniques. Includes additional information and special patterns for use with NLP and EFT in conjunction.

Life Without Panic Attacks: Reclaim Your Emotional Freedom, Reclaim Your Life by Nicola Quinn

In this excellent manual, Energy Therapies trainer Nicola Quinn chronicles the exact steps she took to free herself from disabling panic attacks using Emotional Freedom Techniques in self help - when it is needed the most. Personal and in depth, this outstanding self help manual is highly recommended for all sufferers of anxiety and panic attacks, as well as for their loved ones and professionals who treat anxiety sufferers.

Tapping For Kids: A Children's Guide To EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques by Angie Muccillo

"Tapping For Kids" is an EFT Children’s book designed to teach 7-11 year olds how to use EFT as a tool to help them overcome their fears, worries and everyday traumas as well as build their self-esteem. Tapping For Kids is a perfect gift for any children in your life!

Tapping for Kids is now in its 2nd full colour edition. This wonderful new edition also comes with an audio CD unavailable anywhere else.