About EFT - The SUE scale

Traditionally EFT has used the SUD scale or SUDS to measure the intensity of a persons problem. SUD stands for Subjective Unit of Discomfort with the key word being subjective. There are no hard and fast rules here, you simply pick a number that feels about right to you at the time, before any treatment commences. Taking further reading as the treatment progresses helps you to understand how the initial problem has improved or evolved. Practitioners like to use a scale such as SUD with their clients as it enables them to monitor the effectiveness of the session.

The SUD scale goes from 0 to 10 with 10 being the most discomfort that it is possible to feel and 0 being peace. The object of EFT sessions has always been to help bring any problem down to zero when the point of peace is reached.

When Dr Silvia Hartmann developed Energy EFT by working with thousands of clients over many years she removed the SUD scale and replaced it with the SUE scale (Subjective Unit of Experience) which goes from -10 to +10. On the surface this seems like a very small thing to do, simply changing the scale from one which has 11 degrees to one that has 21. It is only after working with the new SUE scale for a while that it's huge significance becomes apparent. If a person comes to EFT with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because they were injured in a war and now has terrible flashbacks, using the old SUD scale then the problem is solved once the flashbacks have ceased and peace has been restored. Certainly that is a huge improvement and is an amazing evolution for the person but is that really all there is – peace? No it certainly isn't. Life is about enjoyment and fun not simply accepting the past, and for this person they will not have their life back until they have rebuilt their confidence, their joy and are living life with hope and enthusiasm once again.

It's not about the numbers on the scale, what it is really about is the intention behind them. When a person comes to EFT because they are very stressed, they may rate themselves at -6 on the SUE scale and that is very stressed indeed, but if we stop the treatment when they reach 0 and they no longer feel stressed we are doing them a huge dis-service. There is life beyond 0, moving into the positive side of the scale and we begin to find increased energy, a sense of well being, smiling, feeling powerful, feeling joyful, clear logical thinking and feeling excitement.

The sad thing is that many, if not most people live their live moving between -2 and +2, that is feeling a little stressed to feeling quite good. We call that the zero point of nothingness and you would not willingly buy a car that was quite good if there was one on offer that was stunning. Why would do any different in life? Learning to effectively use the SUE scale reminds us that there is life in the positive and helps us on our journey to get there. This small evolution from SUD to can help you to make a huge evolution in your life.

You can download a sample of Dr Hartmann's book on Energy EFT here.

You can download a printable version of the SUE scale here.

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