About EFT

In a nutshell EFT is a wonderfully simple, safe way to make ourselves feel better. We can use it to remove blockages that we have to health, success and well being.

The simple way to explain EFT is that we tap on certain parts of the body with our fingers while making affirmations or statements. That's it. Many people talk about it stimulating meridian points, or maximizing energy flow or removing blockages as a way to explain how it works. For me, the important thing is not how it works, but that it does work, that it leaves you feeling less stressed, more energized and better equipped to deal with the day.

For me, there are two fantastic things about EFT that set it apart from many other treatments and therapies. The first is that the effects can be experienced, really experienced in just a few minutes. For many people who have any stress, or anything that is making them feel low, five minutes with a practitioner will have a positive benefit and leave you feeling better. This then increases throughout the rest of the session, with the result that for many people, a hugely positive change takes place even within the space of one session, leaving them feeling more energized and ready to go. Depending on the person and what they are experiencing, one or more additional sessions may increase the effectiveness of the treatment. The second benefit of EFT is that it becomes a life skill, you take it home with you and can apply it whenever and almost wherever you wish - you do not become reliant on the practitioner, they do not become your emotional crutch, they teach you how to continue to benefit long after the sessions have finished.

The importance of regular maintenance.

To misquote Zig Zigglar in his book See You at the Top. "Many people say positive thinking is all very well but it doesn't last, well, neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily". And it's the same for EFT, if we want to keep our energy systems working at full power we need to keep them topped up .You don't eat one meal and then never have to eat again and neither should you treat your body in the same way. Once you have cleared anything that was standing in the way of your heath and happiness then a little regular maintenance, just a few minutes daily or even now and then will keep you feeling better than you thought possible. Who wouldn't take five minutes a day if they knew that it keeps them running at their full potential?

Different forms of EFT.

EFT was first discovered in the 1990s by it's founder Gary Craig, who adapted it from TFT, or Thought Field Technology which was pioneered by Dr Roger Callahan who was a Therapist in Beverly Hills California. Since that point, many practitioners have helped literally millions of people to get more out of life, and many of them have added their own colour to it after thousands of hours of working with clients. The variant of EFT that I practice is called Energy EFT which has been developed by Dr Silvia Hartman who has been working with clients with many different problems and conditions since the early days of EFT. Energy EFT does not differ much from Gary Craig's original EFT however as more and more discoveries have been made, it has simply evolved to the next logical step which enables it to help more people and faster.

If you would like to find out more about how EFT can assist you in creating the life you want call me for a confidential assessment to see how EFT can work for you.